What’s More Adulting Than Getting Your Taxes Done? [SPOILER: Nothing]

This blog post is sponsored by TurboTax. Opinions are my own.

A shameless secret for you: When I first moved out of my parent’s home I had no idea how to “adult.” In fact, I had never done laundry in my life! I remember sitting on YouTube watching all the tutorials to help me figure out how not to ruin my entire laundry basket. Alas, about a decade later I promise I’m a pro!

You know what I always considered one of the biggest adulting wins? Anything and everything money. Once a year you have this handy dandy item on your todo list that (literally and legally) has to get done or else and there is no greater feeling than crossing it off your to-do list. What am I talking about? Filing your taxes!

I started filing my own taxes - meaning, mom and dad stepped aside! - about six years ago. The first time was rough. I tried to use the same accountants my parents had, but the process felt cold, confusing and manual. I then found TurboTax, which - at the time - felt almost like an “insider’s secret life hack” to filing your taxes. I admit, I was hesitant. But, after trying it for the first time and seeing how user-friendly it was I was hooked. Trust me, it’s years later and I’m still here.

Fast forward to last year, which was the first time I upgraded to TurboTax LIVE. It’s a tool that give filers the ability to connect with an expert CPA or EA through one-way video and you can click to connect with experts that walk you through anything and everything taxes. They empower you with total confidence and don’t rest until they are 100% confident you’ll get the most money back. After moving to a new state, I thought it would be great to have a tax expert  on demand to help answer any questions related to this new tax situation. And trust me, if you can work a laundry machine, turn on the dishwasher and floss every day (ok, often), then this adulting task is even easier to achieve.

So, this #W2sDay I’m celebrating adulting. I’m incredibly lucky to have turned from loyal fan to now partner with TurboTax to bring some fun surprises your way. What you don’t want to miss? Heading to their YouTube channel tomorrow at 11am PT to watch me and some special friends do our best #adulting while sharing some fun tips and giveaway prizes!

Ready to get your taxes done and become a#MasterOfAdulting?

#SelfCareSunday: Winter-proofing your home

This blog post was sponsored by Scotties, but all opinions and words are my own.

Winter is not coming, winter is here. Being from a year-round warm weather city means preparing to survive winter that much more complicated. From drier skin to frequent sniffles, it’s something I’m challenged with every year.

But this year is my third winter in NYC and I feel more prepared than ever. One thing I’m really proud of is how I’m setting up my home to be self-care friendly in spite of freezing temperatures.

For starters, I got a hold on temperature control. Thank the city heavens for properly working heating pipes. However, there were a few window gaps and tinkering to do to make sure all systems were ready by connecting with my building Super. I also realized over the last few weeks that my living room was a little colder than the other rooms, so I purchased a small and affordable space heater. Bonus: blankets all around for those who are extra cold!

Next, I added touches of comfort throughout my space with Scotties’ new tissue boxes! They add a comforting touch of style when all the holiday decorations come down and blend seamlessly into my apartment’s aesthetic. You barely notice the fact that there are “tissue boxes” all around, and they’re easily accessible to handle any sniffle scenario.

Scotties gives consumers everything they are looking for in a tissue, offering high-quality facial tissues at a great value with modern designs to fit in any room of your home. I added Scotties to my living room bookshelf, golden cart, bathroom and bedside in my bedroom. Fun fact: I’ve actually slept with tissues next to my bed for as long as I could remember. Waking up with allergies was no fun, but a comforting tissue always made me feel ready and relaxed!

Finally, I’m harnessing the power of crystals for the second year in a row. “What do crystals have to do with winter?!” The anxiety and gloom of dark and cold winter months can easily get to you, but I find that working with crystals to give you balanced energy is a great compromise. There’s a lot to it, and I feel to beginner to be the one to give this a well-deserved explanation, but exploring this space has helped keep my spirits at their high during this crazy season.

What are some things you’re doing to help keep you happy and healthy during the dreary winter months? Happy #selfcaresunday!