Marketable Presets: MIAMI (JPG ONLY) *Mobile Version Available*

Miami Presets COVER.jpg
Miami Presets COVER.jpg

Marketable Presets: MIAMI (JPG ONLY) *Mobile Version Available*

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Presets by @lissettecalv are HERE!

For the past two years I’ve been using Lightroom Desktop and Mobile to take my content to the next level. Through these years, I’ve developed presets (customized filters) inspired by the cities I’ve traveled to.

Say hello to MIAMI.

My first preset is my most commonly used. It’s inspired by the bright colors and deep oranges of my hometown. Recommend using for outdoor photos, colorful flatlays and anything that needs a burst of energy.

You’ll receive the preset file (.xmp) which can easily be imported on Lightroom CC/Classic Desktop, or a Lightroom Mobile File (.dng) which can be opened on your Mobile App straight from your phone (as FREE99 as can be). This preset can be used on RAW images, though not recommended as you wouldn’t get the sharpest edits. RAW preset sold separately.

It’s important to note that every photo is different. While this preset is a good foundation for this aesthetic, some photos might require SKIN TONE adjustments or EXPOSURE/LIGHTING tweaks. I will be doing some quick under-1-minute tutorials on that.

NOTE: I recommend downloading and using .XMP on desktop as some quality is known to be lost in the mobile version or .DNG.

How to Install:

  1. Purchase and receive the link to download. I recommend doing this on your computer.

  2. Unzip the files and:

    1. If on Desktop app

      1. Import Preset > (Select the .xmp file)

    2. If on Mobile app

      1. SAVE the .dng file to your phone; you can do this using an UNZIP app (there are many free ones) or AirDrop from your computer (my preferred method)

      2. OPEN the .dng file (yup, it might look like a blank image) on Lightroom CC Mobile

      3. When the image opens in Lightroom CC Mobile, scroll to the right and select PRESETS

      4. Select the 3 dots on the top right… and select CREATE PRESET

      5. Make sure all options are selected, and TITLE it “Marketable Presets: MIAMI (JPG)”

  3. ALL DONE!

If you have any questions or have trouble downloading, please reach out to me at @mrktble on Instagram.

Tag @lissettecalv/@mrktble when using. Can’t wait to see your work! x