Tori Praver: Mommy, Model & Millennial Entrepreneur

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July in Miami brings a wave of more than just sporadic rainfall and high summer temperatures. This month is also home to Miami Swim Week: the week-long event full of bikinis, bloggers, buyers and babes who want to get their hands on next season’s swimwear trends. 

For Tori Praver, former Sports Illustrated fan favorite and designer extraordinaire, this not her first time showing at Miami Swim Week. Inspired by travels through Greece and European cliffside beaches, this week Tori Praver Swimwear showcased their 2017 Resort Collection, appropriately titled, “Royal Castaway.” In between endless work days, long flights and creative excursions, Praver also wears the hat of mother to two beautiful children. Asking yourself “how does she do it?” Me too, so I took a peak behind the curtains this week. 

The Business:

Tori Praver became infamously known for her modeling appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – three years running, multiple Cosmopolitan covers, and becoming the youngest face of Guess at age 17. When you see her, you’re instantly taken back by her nearly flawless 5’11” figure and Pacific Coast glow. Nowadays she’s often modeling her own line and recently showed off her baby bump with the Current/Elliott x Hatch maternity collaboration.



Growing up in Hawaii, she says starting her swimwear line was something that always sat on her list of lifelong dreams. In her early 20s, she decided to launch Tori Praver Swimwear and soon filled the racks of major retailers, boutiques and online shops like Shopbop. Changing to and from bikinis as a model, it was a natural transition and one that was filled with industry street-cred. She acknowledges part of her success to her mother who, together with Tori, learned the business end of fashion and worked to build a team that would handle everything from design, sketching, samples, invoices, and millions of to-dos more.

Her advice for young millennials looking to start their own business: “Keep striving and don’t give up. Age has nothing to do with your ability.”

The Fashion:

Her brand offers a versatile collection of light prints, mix-and-match staples, signature ruching techniques and flattering details that are perfect for a casual beach bum or waves aficionada.

Taking cue from Greek architecture, tiles and stunning white ocean rocks, Tori Praver Swimwear’s Resort collection features a sophisticated yet youthful color palette of light colored earth tones – mauve, patina and latte – infused with a perfect balance of black and white. Stunning pops of limoncello and chili pepper are perfectly placed, resulting in a truly magical color explosion. 



Evoking the feeling of a whimsical European vacation, her assortment this year incorporates hand-sewn floral embroidery, in addition to her signature ruching, while a unique eyelet fabric is used to create patterns reminiscent of color blocking. Ever evolving, the line also introduces a new range of coverage for bottoms this season, and compliments the dreamy aesthetic of the Resort Collection with ready-to-wear pieces inclusive of beach ready rompers, overalls, maxis and breezy separates. 

The Parenting:

In between pre-show madness and runway rehearsals, Tori takes a break for mommy-duties. In this moment it becomes evident that she’s being stretched in a million different directions. Coincidentally, her daughter Ryan runs up to her looking for the hug of all hugs as Tori explains her biggest advice to her first-born: Have courage and be kind.

“Being a mom and a businesswoman is a day-to-day challenge,” she says. “But, I know I’m making them proud and setting an example, so it’s all worth it.”

Inspired by Tori Praver’s daughter is the swimwear line’s extension called the ‘Keiki’. The Keiki collection offers a full range of swimwear for girls, mimicking the same signature style and substance from the women’s line to make mother-daughter matching a breeze.

Balancing being in front of and behind the camera, in the design studio and her kids’ bedroom, and prepping to send off creations on a runway is incredibly exhausting. But Tori Praver is another superwoman who found a way to manage it all – and still look great doing it.

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