The Art of the Handwritten Letter, Simplified

We all know the feeling of excitement, appreciation and kindness we feel when we receive a handwritten card. Be it a thank you note, birthday card, congratulations note or just to say hello, a small gesture can go a long way.

Here's another feeling we all know: the pain in the ass it is to buy the card (*10 hours at Papyrus later*), write the card (where's my pen?), find a stamp (is it 2003?) and drop it off at the Post Office (omg what's your address, again?). It makes the task of sending a thoughtful handwritten note as arduous as doing your taxes. 

Of course, millennials love a good shortcut. It makes room for us to focus on the other 1 million things we're trying to achieve and get done during the day. Cue in: the holidays. One of the busiest times of the year, where we're truly in need for as many hacks as we can find. Inspired by this time of year, and my need to carry on the tradition of sending out Christmas cards, I sought out to find something that would simplify the task for me while still feeling authentic to me.

Postable Holiday Card.JPG

Good news. There is a solution.

About a year ago, I got introduced to PostableThis services bills itself as the platform that takes away "the pain in the ass" of sending letters. They're making sending snail mail as easy as sending an e-mail, text or DM. With the click of a few buttons, you've got a hiqh-quality printed and virtually-handwritten card en route to a special someone. Here's how it works:

1. Build your address book

Postable makes it incredibly easy to collect, save and update contact information from those you need it from. They provide users with a custom URL ( which they could send out to their contacts with a personal request for mailing information. Recipients click the link, fill out a form, and later the complete address book can be downloaded in helpful formats, including Excel. You can also upload existing sheets (looking at you future brides)! Then, you're able to periodically ping your contacts to update their information or add life milestones like anniversaries.

If you're reading this, here's your chance to get on my list.

2. Pick a card, designed by real people.

What truly sets Postable apart for me is their card collection. You can search from hundreds of cards for every occasion all designed by indie artists. The company has said they offer a revenue share that's rather competitive, which makes you feel a little better knowing you're supporting those digital artists. Also love that all cards are made of 100% recycled material.

You can browse through all the artists by name and location here.

3. Write your message, personalize it.

Shamelessly admitting I'm that person that has scratched words off the page or started over and over because I've changed my mind on the message. This is where Postable comes in hot with the save. You can pick from fonts that mimic handwriting (won't judge you if you pick the "As If Your Kid Wrote It"), Martha Stewart-approved fancies, or simple sans serif ones you already use in the digital space.

Aside from the thoughtful note, you can also now add gift cards for an added treat.

4. Press send: they do all the important stuff for you!

You're done customizing, you're done pouring out your feelings, and now it's time to hit send.  This is what you came for after all. No more trips to the post office, no more hunting for stamps throughout your apartment, because with the click of a button your cards are en route to that special person. Once all is said and done, it'll set you back $2-4 with postage included. That's a steal for all this extra time, if you ask me.

During the holidays, they have an even larger selection of cards for every style and occasion (Christmahanakwanzika anyone?), while also giving you the option to completely personalize templates with your own images -- like the monumental "family Christmas card photo."

But don't limit yourself to the holidays. It's such an easy-to-use service that I find myself sending a few out every month. There's always a birthday to celebrate, a thank you to share or someone that just needs to hear that you're thinking of them. 

Are you a fan of sending snail mail? Have you tried this service or any others? Would love to hear about your experience. Here's a promo code for a $5 credit off $20: MREADTI2.

Disclaimer: Product provided at the courtesy of Postable. All opinions and statements are my own.