Feeling Good, Feeling Fresh on Your Period

This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve. Opinions are my own.

Walking down the street, having a jolly good day and here comes Aunt Flo!

More often than not, our favorite monthly (ish) friend comes when you’re least expecting it. Even if you have the perfect cycle, it’s on the way up the subway stairs, walking to the office lunch room, or somewhere in between that catches you off guard during that day.

One of my biggest challenges when I have my period is how to feel confident. With everything going on “down there” and all the other joys that come with that time of the month, I usually find myself feeling like cuddling in bed and avoiding all things.

One small change I’ve been making is treating my vagina with more self care. The same way I face mask on Sundays and moisturize every morning, I should be giving my lady parts the same love to get that extra boost of confidence during that time I need it most. I’ve been using Summer’s Eve® washes for years and now they’ve launched something to empower women during our period: Summer’s Eve® Fresh Cycle!

From No-Rinse Cleansing Foam to Individually-Wrapped Cleansing Cloths, you can use the new product line throughout the day during your period, or any day of the month for a light, fresh reset. I also love that it’s pH balanced and gynecologist tested, so I can feel extra confident about what I’m using to give my vagina the love she craves!

I tried it during my last period and took the Individually-Wrapped Cleansing Cloths for a ride in New York City. Commuting everywhere by foot means more room for vagina to sweat - and she loves to sweat extra during my period! I wore my period on my face with a smile, because I barely remembered I even had it. I used two Cleansing Cloths throughout the day, and after the first one I knew it was a freshness that would carry me throughout my day.

What are some things you like to do to keep you fresh during your period?