#Adulting During Allergy Season with My Favorite Home Decor Hack

It’s been a few months since I moved into my new apartment, so decoration mode has been in full swing. After the pretty trinkets and key pieces of furniture made their way to my home, it was time to upgrade the essentials.

Because I moved in the peak of allergy season, an essential means something a little different for me as an allergy sufferer. I need to be fully stocked with survival items. Now, old me would hide toilet paper rolls around the apartment for the moment I let out a big sneeze...but new apartment means it’s time for some serious #adulting!

In comes Scotties Tissues! They were a saving grace during Winter months, so I knew I needed to roll them into my new space and a new season. Their uniquely designed boxes are an affordable addition to home decor and serve an important purpose. When people walk around my apartment, they’re not seeing a “tissue box,” they’re seeing touches of my style.

I also love that you can get them in different colors and sizes to match any space or room. There’s nothing like having guests over, getting the “do you have any tissues or napkins” and reaching over for a box. They’re always a) shocked I had it on hand so quickly and b) impressed with the aesthetic. 

Testimonial: If I had a dollar for every time Justin said “Scotties is still my favorite Marketable Millennial partnership of all time” because of how handy it is to have stylish tissues on hand, we’d be off traveling the world avoiding NYC pollen!

There you have it. My favorite home hack of allergy season and you’re not going to want to miss out on it!

This post is sponsored by Scotties, but opinions are my own.