SNAPSHOT: Why Road Trips are the BEST Way to Travel


There’s something so relaxing and freeing about facing an open road, going at your own pace, and all the surprises from point A to point B.

Top reasons to travel by car:

  1. Sample different cities in a more condensed period of time. Then, you can figure out which one you want to see more in-depth later. National Parks by car are a MUST!

  2. More space and flexibility when packing for a car. Having a car means you can have everything you need, even all your luggage, at arms reach at all times.

  3. Scenic routes are a THING! If you use a real map (yup) you can find backroads that allow you to see parts of the country you wouldn’t otherwise.

  4. Recharge and refresh! I miss driving so much, and being on an open road really does relax me. It’s something routine that gives room for self-reflection and more.

  5. It’s ALWAYS an adventure!!! You’ll run into gems you didn’t know about otherwise, something silly inevitably will happen, and if you’re traveling with others you’ll make memories that last a lifetime!

PS: don’t actually drive with your body out the window, please pull over to pose for a ‘gram 😜

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